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  The theme of obsession reverberates again in BACKSTAGE, a
show business drama co-written and directed by Emmanuelle Bercot
that borrows heavily from her own feature debut
CLEMENT with nods to
the 2004 feature
LA RÔLE DE SA VIE and the grandmother of the

  This time out, the object is pop sensation Lauren (Emmanuelle
Seigner), a sort of cross between Deborah Harry and Madonna. The
singer agrees to appear on a cheesy television show called
"BACKSTAGE" which films her making a surprise appearance at the
home of one of her fans, teenager Lucie (Isild Le Besco). Lucie is
dumbstruck by being so close to her adored idol, on whom she has
a tremendous crush and her atypical reaction ruins the television
appearance. She slips a note to the singer, though, and somehow
becomes convinced they are to be together. So, Lucie hitchhikes to
Paris and camps out in front of the hotel where Lauren and her entourage
is staying. Eventually, she manages to worm her way past the security
guards and into Lauren's life.

  Despite witnessing the rather unpleasant side of the singer's
personality, Lucie continues her adoration. Eventually, like Eve
Harrington, she sets out to seduce Lauren's ex-lover Daniel (Samuel
Benchetrit) -- but not for her own benefit. She has a rather complicated
agenda, which when revealed leaves her back where she started.

  Seigner is convincing as the songstress and there's a stellar
supporting turn from Noémi Lvovsky as Lauren's personal assistant
Juliette. My problem is with Isild Le Besco; I must confess that she
has never really impressed me. I know she received strong notices
for her work in
À TOUTE DE SUITE (in which the director, Emmanuelle
Bercort also appeared), but she does nothing for me. She tends to be
a bit of a blank and doesn't project any sort of personality. Her blandness
may seem appropriate for the roles in which she is cast, but when she
is on screen, the movie comes to a dead halt. At least, it does for me.

                                  Rating:          C